Performance Improvement

Progressive companies recognize that they need to engage and empower their people to perform.

SSL have the people and performance tools to optimise operations and can identify and implement areas for improvement in even the most mature of operations, even those that have a current optimisation focus. These improvements lead to further gains in efficiency and performance which ultimately reduces costs. Delivering operational projects more efficiently than historical norms has multiple benefits:

  1. Lower costs per project.
  2. Earlier realisation of positive cash flows from the efficient and successful operations. Both leading to
  3. Increased project returns.

Our Approach; LEAD OpExcellence

LEADOpExcellence TM is a world-class operational performance improvement method developed by SSL.

The approach is grounded in considerable real-world experiences of improving high performance across teams in high intensity operational environments. This approach synthesises performance coaching methods for improving asset performance and the continuous improvement (CI) cycle of: Plan, Do, Measure, Learn.

Leading Operational Excellence the SSL Way

Stage One: Generating Buy-In

This involves initiating planning processes with management, office and field teams to commence the project with winning-outcomes in mind. It identifies project needs and objectives and key areas for development.

Stage Two: Execution

This stage involves utilising SSL’s unique Project-Asset Coaching System (PACS), supporting both onshore and offshore project team members. The execution of the continuous performance improvement process is the most vital stage of the OpExcellence cycle.

Stage Three: Legacy

The target for this stage is to create client self-sustainability, where SSL has embedded the correct sort of behaviours and processes within the client’s field team members and management, so that future projects can benefit from internally-led continuous performance improvement.

Coaching for Performance

The coaching provided by Salos Sunesis improves performance in the execution of the well programme, enhances the core competencies and practical knowledge of the team.

Valuable rig time will be saved through their deployment and our unique approach to coaching and as a result we bring a number of significant safety and performance advances to our clients drilling operations.

Our ‘Mentor Role, Coaching Method’ also has three significant impacts on the onshore client.

Increased performance / efficiency offshore leads to less onshore management time dealing with issues

  • A reduction in unplanned events
  • As a result of the above reduced drilling costs and in turn increased profits

Our ‘Mentor Role, Coaching Method’ has three significant impacts on the teams that we coach.

  • Increased situational awareness about key issues such as safety and operational decision-making
  • Improvements in efficiency, effectiveness & communication
  • Accelerated competency of the crew members

Measuring to Improve Performance

SSL are able to deploy operational performance measurement tools that increase awareness of the overall team performance. This enables activity benchmarks to be created, improved on and NPT (and hidden NPT) to be significantly reduced. By creating continuous performance feedback loops the quality, quantity and consistency of actions is improved, thereby saving time and money.

SSL COMP Crew™ People Measurement

COMP-Crew™ is a unique performance measurement tool that provides a “traffic-lighted” assessment of individuals and teams that allows strengths, weaknesses and gaps to be quickly identified and addressed, thereby assisting our clients in increasing both the safety and the certainty of their drilling programs. Performance scorecards and performance improvement roadmaps ensure that training and coaching are based on need, further improving the execution phase.

Excellent Operational Practices + Excellent Morale = Highest Performing Teams

Generating Performance Improvements from the Ground up

The BOM approach™ is a continuous performance improvement tool, which focusses on improvements being generated from the Ground-Up. This involves devolving initiative and solutions-based thinking to the frontline.

Key to this is encouraging a learning and development mind-set in the frontline operators through Engagement, Empowerment, Encouragement (E3) as well as Command and Control (C2). By generating multiple improvements and removing “performance roadblocks” team members are more engaged and motivated, resulting in better operational performance, all of which result in lower NPT and reduced projects costs.

Our Support Systems

Core to the delivery of the OpExcellence approach is the quality of our coaches and our extremely effective project-asset coaching system (PACS).


SSL have an extensive range of training packages that we can deliver both at the worksite and at clients' offices. Our training approach is designed to maximise the engagement and understanding of those who attend. We use a range of training tools and techniques including mini-workshops, videos, case studies and simulations.

Leadership Technical
The Heart of Safety Leadership Stuck Pipe Prevention (Rig Personnel)
Making Better Decisions Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing (Engineers)
Solve Wicked Problems HPHT Awareness
Optimising Team Cohesiveness Well Control (advanced to basic)
Culture, Strategy & which one wins Overview of the O&G Industry
Listening Skills High Performing Teams
Leading Through Change Master Coaching
Managing Team Performance HPHT Well Engineering & Design
Interpersonal Effectiveness Well Intervention & Production
Team Building  
Organisational Development
Transformational Leadership  
Thriving in a $50 world  
Negotiating for More  

SSL can also offer bespoke training courses to meet clients' needs.

The table below shows the increased effectiveness when coaching and training are carried out together:

Told & Shown
Told, shown & experienced
Recall after 3 weeks
Recall after 3 months