Project Coaching

SSL project coaching is real time on the job method of enhancing personnel development and understanding.  Coaches who are mentors use their skill set to promote job ownership and decision making increasing job awareness, appreciation and efficiency.  Personnel find the method easy in approaching the coaches and using experience and knowledge a warehouse of information and sounding board. 

HPHT drilling

Summarizing phases:

  • Narrow operating margins
  • Temperature impact of well control, surface and in-hole equipment
  • Temperature effect on drilling/completion fluid
  • More detailed and agreed operating practices
  • Rig and well specific training

Deep water drilling  

Summarizing phases:

  • Narrow operating margins
  • Increase in marine and power supporting systems
  • More challenges in marine systems from sea bed to rig
  • Station keeping
  • More detailed and agreed operating practices

Extended reach drilling (ERD)

Summarizing phases:

  • Stuck pipe prevention
  • Hole cleaning
  • Higher level of observance to operating practices coupled with a longer time in achieve forward progress

We can also provide your company with the following services. Our latest experience is listed below:

Technical Writing:

  • ENI UK HPHT Well Control Manual and HPHT Well Control Procedures Manual
  • HPHT Joint Operation Manual review for Nexen

Speciality Project:

  • Well Control Readiness Auditing for Nexen


  • Stuck Pipe Prevention for GdF Suez
  • HPHT training for Total UK
  • HPHT training for Nexen
  • HPHT training for GdF Suez
  • HPHT training for MPX
  • HPHT training for Dubai Petroleum

Start up:

  • Platform start up training for Talismans 


  • Total UK
  • Nexen
  • GdF Suez
  • MPX
  • Dubai Petroleum
  • Noble Corporation