SSL maximise performance through your people. Our first focus is actively listening to understand your needs and challenges and then collaborating with you to work towards winning outcomes.  We build trust and rapport with your teams working with them to instill and reinforce good operational practices.  This approach builds the foundations of a strong people performance culture that values; the importance of planning, doing things right every time and operational discipline.  We then accelerate competency by using intense short training sessions, individual “coaching moments” and pre and post action reviews. By increasing operational awareness, generating responsibility and accelerating competence your teams are able to further enhance operational effectiveness, efficiency and consistency.  By focusing on these performance pillars our clients realise a significant return on their investment. 

Accelerating and Optimising:

Optimisation of the operation is driven by the crew, to ensure their ownership. Our BOM tool™ identifies what can be done Better, what are the Options and how do we Measure the success of the change. This continuous performance improvement approach recognises that front line operators are often best placed to identify performance improvement opportunities and drive the continuous improvement cycle. By devolving initiative and solutions-based thinking to the frontline a learning and development mind-set is created. This approach also maximises their engagement and empowers them which therefore results in higher levels of awareness and performance. Small improvements in a number of different areas can have a huge impact to the overall performance of the team. Our legacy is that this improvement and performance culture thrives long after the conclusion of our engagement.